Instytut Analizy Ryzyka

Instytut Analizy Ryzyka (Risk Analysis Institute) was established in 2012 and it closely cooperates with University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów. It has fully developed its activity, which at the present state focuses mainly on:

-        consultancy,

-        conducting commissioned security audits of companies, facilities, areas, etc.,

-        preparation of analyses and evaluations,

-        detective services,

-        personal and property protection services,

-        military procurement services, that is trade in arms, ammunition and explosives, as well as trade related to other products and technologies of a military or police intended use,

-        educational activity – mainly in terms of providing courses which attest obtaining professional qualifications, as well as specialised thematic trainings.


The fundamental area in which the Institute operates – because of its location and good topography familiarity – is mainly Eastern Poland, with a particular focus on Subcarpathia, however, this does not exclude providing services all around the country.


Instytut Analizy Ryzyka (Risk Analysis Institute) has obtained all necessary licences, permits and entries into the register of regulated activity, as well as established a permanent cooperation with high-qualified and experienced specialists with a wide range of expertise in science, didactics and practical skills. At the same time the Institute is creating “Zespół Ekspertów Instytutu Analizy Ryzyka” (“Risk Analysis Institute Panel of Experts”) which already is and will be formed by different specialists – experts in various fields, both theoretical and practical, who will be able to undertake scientific projects, research, didactic and practical activities on the basis of conducting specific commissions, expert reports, etc.



Security audit is a tool which allows to evaluate the real security level of your company. Employees’ security and fixed assets amassed through the years the company has been operating are the values which are exposed to the external and internal threats. Excellent trading performance, a recognisable brand, professionally trained personnel, customers’ loyalty and appreciation are the values which should be protected. The crucial element of increasing the security level is the ability to ensure safety on our own. Becoming aware of the possible dangers is the first step to their elimination.


Detective services are conducted on the basis of the entry into the register of regulated activity run by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration No. RD-11/2013. These services are aimed at companies, as well as at individuals. The offer includes a vast range of operations, depending on individual needs.

When undertaking execution of a task we treat it individually and with full commitment so that the results of our actions are consistent with the agreement concluded with the client. Moreover, because of the individual character of every commission, we initially evaluate the possibility of conducting the task and prepare a preliminary cost estimate. We are sure to advise and find proofs which will help our clients end all prolonged and costly judicial proceedings. We guarantee 100% of confidentiality.

Personal and property protection services are conducted on the basis of the Ministry of the Interior and Administration license No. L-0098/13 in the form of a direct, permanent or immediate physical protection, in accordance with the provisions defined in the Act of 22 August 1997 on Personal and Property Protection, as well as in accordance with the procedures resulting from relative facility security plans. Within the framework of personal and property protection services we offer stationary protection of facilities, monitoring of alarm systems, mass events security. We provide satisfactory and pleasant cooperation, which is possible thanks to our employees’ availability, proficiency and professionalism.

The Institute operates also on the basis of a concession issued by the Ministry of the Interior and Administration (No. B-037/2013) in terms of manufacturing of and trading in explosives, arms, ammunition, as well as products and technology of a military and police intended use. Appropriately to the extend of a procurement, we execute all orders related to the purchase and sale of the products covered by the above mentioned concession. Moreover, we organise performance pyrotechnics shows, that is an artistic composition of images that are presented in the sky with accompanying music emphasising the atmosphere of the star spectacle during concerts, wedding receptions, company and publicity events, harvest festivals, city or commune days, fashion shows, fairs, banquets, festivals, public holidays, cultural events and many others. The pyrotechnics shows, on which everyone awaits impatiently, become the main attraction of any event programme. We guarantee a comprehensive service of these operations.

Trainings and courses are conducted on the basis of an entry into the directory of public and non-public schools (No. 14/2013). Instytut Analizy Ryzyka (Risk Analysis Institute) is registered as a continuing education establishment. Since 17 January 2013 we are also registered in the Training Institutions Register run by the Regional Employment Agency in Rzeszów (reference number 2.18./00002/2013). Trainings and courses are conducted in accordance with a schedule but also when commissioned by specific clients within the scope of the presented offer, which guarantees efficiency and high quality thanks to – among many other factors – our specialists, who present valuable experience gained in different institutions and state services. The activity of the Institute is unparalleled because all trainings are conducted in accordance with the newest technologies, and what is most important, thanks to a long-time practical experience of our lecturers and trainers, they become extremely attractive to the participants. Our mission is to pass on important knowledge and abilities in an interesting and unique way, as we believe that it will help us achieve success in our further professional lives. The training activities are conducted in cooperation with University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszów.

We kindly invite you to learn more about the offer of Instytut Analizy Ryzyka (Risk Analysis Institute), which is placed below. We believe you will find it interesting. We will be also happy to receive any potential questions and suggestions.

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